Since its origin, CEM has been deeply involved in social research. At the beginning of the 90's in the 20th century, we were gaining our first experiences in cooperating with foreign institutions, among which was the research unit of Radio Free Europe Munich, for which we had conducted public opinion polls in Poland. We had cooperated with this institution in elaborating and analyzing research results gathered by sister companies and institutions in Central and Eastern Europe. We were tracking social changes in Poland and we studied opinions of both the whole society and of particular social categories. For example, we regularly conducted research into the opinions of the elite and of social leaders.

Nowadays, social research is still extremely important in our activities. We do social research for public institutions, local government, municipal councils, labour institutions, educational institutions, universities and non-governmental organizations. We also do, among other things, public opinion research, electoral polls, quality of life studies and labour market research. We also conduct evaluation studies that are run for EU projects.

In short, our offer of social research includes:


  1. Public opinion research (as well as community research)
  2. Electoral studies
  3. Evalulation studies
  4. Labour market studies
  5. Employee studies
  6. Pupil and teacher studies