This is a form of gathering and analyzing existing data, such as those which were gathered earlier for a purpose other than the present study. It is often based on a search of library and online resources, and processing them with a defined goal. Research based on the analysis of existing data frequently possesses information value sufficient for the making of managerial decisions, and it is considerably cheaper than collecting primary data. Much of the data already exists in a dispersed form, is generated by various institutions, and is collected in various places. The ability to access the data and process it appropriately leads not only to savings, but sometimes it is the only way to obtain certain data, for example, historical, unavailable in the present research. Desk Research analyses are often used as a first stage of research, having as its goal the recognizing of the current state of knowledge of a given subject. They are indispensible when it is necessary to process cross-section information, such as chronological sequences or inter-sector data.