CATI – Computer Aided Telephone Interviews


Telephone interviews are conducted in a special studio equipped with computer workstations and the software, which controls the process of the interviews. We have our own CATI studio in our office located in Kraków. We are able to conduct interviews with respondents from all over Poland and internationally. Every year we receive a Certificate of Interviewer Quality Control Program in the field of CATI awarded by OFBOR.


CAWI – Computer Aided Web Interviews


We have at our disposal a state of the art system for conducting web interviews. This enables us to carry out quick and cost effective research on large samples. The system allows for the flexible programming of even extremely complex questionnaires consisting of many types of questions (arrays, sliders, ranks, semantic differentiation). There is the option of including multi-media elements in questions (photos, movies, audio recordings). One can also apply complex routing rules. The questionnaires can be multi-lingual.


PAPI – Paper and Pencil Interviews


The interviews are conducted with the use of a face to face technique and paper questionnaires. The PAPI studies can be done in the respondents' homes, in offices, central location halls or in the street. The use of a specific technique depends on the research objectives.


Central location (an in-hall test)


This type of study is usually applied for concept, product or advertisement tests. Respondents are invited into a special room, usually located in a city centre, where they are asked to do a test and give an interview. There are several techniques that can be used to gather information: face to face paper interviews (PAPI), face to face interviews with data entered into the online database, and a self-administered questionnaire either on paper or online.