For over twenty years of activity, we have helped managers to make market decisions. Many times we have proven that market research results have contributed to the economic successes of companies or have reduced the risk of making wrong decisions. We offer a full range of market research.

Product and brand research


We have tested hundreds or even thousands of products. Some of them were successfully launched on the market and in some cases companies resigned from starting new production, and many others were modified based on the research discoveries. We do research into products, brand images, positioning, and market potential. We test tastes, fragrances, packaging, and functionality.


Price tests


We use several techniques for price tests including PSM (Price Sensitivity Meter), BPTO (Brand-Price Trade-Off), and conjoint. Price tests allow us to identify price ranges that are acceptable to customers and at the same time to generate the desired demand level.


Customer studies


We do customer satisfaction studies and research into their opinions, loyalty and commitment. We have made hundreds of studies exploring customers' attitudes and behavior, both individual and business to business. We also conduct segmentation studies.


Employee studies


We have extensive experience in employee satisfaction studies as well as employee attitudes towards an employer, assessment of the working environment and communication inside an organization.


Advertisement studies


We help our clients to create advertising campaigns, beginning with generating ideas and ending with testing advertisement designs or prepared material. We do pretests and posttests of advertising campaigns. Our long lasting experience and cooperation with advertising agencies has resulted in elaborating effective methods of testing advertising messages.


Distribution channel studies


Market success is possible when not only you have a good product and good promotion of it, but when the product is easily accessible to customers. We do research into the quality and efficiency of distribution channels, studies among distributors, and evaluation of customer service in distribution channels.